Thursday, 9 July 2015

2015? When did it become 2015?

So apparently it's now over halfway through 2015 and I haven't blogged in 9 months! What the hell, me. Given that exciting things have happened and will be happening I suppose a roundup is in order...

My hobby
Bit of a poor showing on the purchasing front so far this year! While I've picked up the odd bit of Infinity here and there (mmmm Geckos...) a lack of gaming time has meant not many new toys have found their way into my drawer of shame.

The introduction of N3 for Infinity and the need to re-read a rulebook that is a) different enough to what I knew to need reading, yet b) similar enough to be really boring to read, has really hampered the amount of gaming I've managed this year (a total of 3 games and a tournament!). I did move on from the good old Ariadna to re-start my Military Order but so far they've got a grey primer coat and little else. I picked up a couple of Crusader Brethren, the Hospitaller HMG, the Knights of Santiago and the new Joan of Arc model that came with Angel Giraldez's painting book just to complete the set.

The only model painted so far :D

  Apart from the Infinity models, I did pick up an awesome figure at Salute (from a stand manned by Jeremie Bonamant no less!). Jack from Da Clash, a game by Ammon Miniatures, a very characterful figure that I got for pure painting pleasure.

Wot we been making
Well the big release this year has been the C.A.S.Hstak (that's Comfortable And Spacious Housing. Stak) city block range. We figured it was about time our poor citizens of the future stopped living in cramped little pods and got some proper accommodation for themselves! With the release of this set an entire Warmill city is now very achievable, and we've already seen a few complete tables showing up (helped by the mega sale we ran to coincide with the release).

The Mega Mansion

A customer's collection, absolutely awesome!

We also released the RUM Outpost, a replacement for the old but apparently not mourned Security Compound, our second ever terrain kit! This range consists of 2 types of Lander building and a modular fence kit that incorporates parts that were originally intended as an upgrade for the old kit, and can be seen in some pictures a few posts below this one.

Or here, with a tiny man in the middle!

What's next then?

Good question. With the introduction of a city block set we've hit stage 3 of our colony range, from rough and ready PUPs, up to mid-range MULEs and RIBD bars, to actual nice housing! Now it's time for the gentrification of those horrible old colonies, so expect posh shops and posher homes. We're experimenting with using coloured card cladding for newer kits, to allow us to produce a) more interesting shapes and b) pre-coloured kits. The focus will be glamour kits (RIBD_4 bar-style) and smaller scatter pieces. 

We're also hoping to see the end of the 3D printer tale of woe shortly, which will allow us to get back on with producing our robots, and start modelling up some new items. Ed in particular has been hard at work modelling all sorts of interesting resin gubbins that will be great for terrain modellers.

I've been re-visiting my Zbrush education to make sure that when we do get our new printer we can churn out some nice figures. No designs fixed yet but areas we'd like to visit include sci-fi civvies to fill the streets of Warmill city.

As a personal project I've been experimenting with game design, whether it ever becomes a product who knows, but I've been enjoying the theory-crafting! The project's been about designing games that involve no luck at all, just tactics. No dice, no cards, just the player's control of their units.

Right now I'm working on a set of scatter terrain street furniture which will be our next release, still at the prototyping stage but they should be ready before too long. Make sure to like our facebook page for more frequent updates.

Thanks for everybody's support during the past year, and to all those customers who kept us so busy after the mega sale!

Harry, Ed and Lisa

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Together at last

Both mech prototypes have been painted by Ed, here's a selection of photos of the pair of them together to whet your appetites, along with an Infinity model for scale.

Due to a snafu with the printer only the spider mech is likely to be ready for Crisis, the heavy mech will probably have to wait until Warfare in mid-November.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Prototype no2

Hot off the 3D printer is the second robot awaiting imminent release!

We finally got the correct scale this time! (only took 3 goes!) - but hey, that's what printers are for, right?!

Now we're happy with the proof, including scale, proportions, overall design - we can begin to print the masters using a different process, most importantly - at a much higher resolution!

Tomorrow i'll try and get some colour on this thing, then they can both be pwning nabs on the battlefield!

Enjoy the pics!

It's aliiiiivvvvveeeee!

 Printing of the masters for our Heavy Industries mechs has begun! So far the legs for the spider tank are complete and cleaned and the turret, ammo hopper and ammo feed are almost finished. Next up is the radar array, radar plate, chassis and guns, followed by the leg armour plates. The spider tank should be completely printed by the end of the week, at which point we start printing Ed's heavy mech.

 All things as they are, we should be ready to sell them at Crisis at the start of November! :D

Sunday, 14 September 2014

More Heavy Industries

Well both robots are now fully modelled and prepared for printing, having done proofing prints on the Form 1 to check size and fit both models will be hitting the Solidscape this week for the master prints.

Here we have the second of our initial offerings, as you can see it's considerably more rugged and industrial than the spidertank. There's no mistaking this brutal mech's intentions! Packing a laser for offense, the mech is wheeled for mobility but also has armour that can pivot under the wheels to act as feet if the mech needs to traverse difficult ground.

The proof print all painted up

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Introducing Warmill Heavy Industries

 After doing terrain for a few years, we've started on a project that we've wanted to do for quite some time; Warmill Heavy Industries, our source for resin kits. Starting with a pair of combat mechs, our plan is to gradually compliment the universe we've been building through our terrain with vehicles, characters and resin terrain as both accessories for buildings and standalone pieces. We'll be using polyurethane resin to capture maximum detail.

 Here's a look at the first of the mechs that will be our initial products, an eight-legged assault platform that will come with a choice of 3 different weapons. We're currently doing proofing prints so details and scale may change, but currently this bot is approximately 90mm long when equipped with the vulcan cannon, the shortest of the available weapons. Features include optional armour, poseable guns and swivelling turret.

We'll be updating the blog with images of the second bot soon.

Monday, 28 July 2014

...And they never painted terrain again...

 The 26th of July saw Bournemouth hosting an epic 24 player Infinity tournament, being local and all we promised to supply terrain for a couple of boards, thinking hey, how hard could it be?

 Turns out, quite hard! Lots of late nights followed as we got an entire new set of most of our range painted, fortunately with the heatwave we've been enjoying airbrushing outside at 2am was actually quite pleasant (apart from the swarms of bugs suiciding into our paints, thinners, painted terrain, faces, etc). We now have a nice big pile of consistently painted terrain perfect for photoshoots, games, show displays and events.

 Here are a few pics of the boards in action at the event, unfortunately we weren't able to participate in the actual gaming but we've been assured there will be another in September which hopefully will see my Ariadna acting as a points-gift speedbump yet again :D.

Stay tuned for a description of how we painted everything in the next few days!