A Salute to good intentions

So Salute is rapidly approaching, which is a) great because I need to focus on getting some new products finished, and b) terrible because it doesn't actually allow me any time for hobbying!

Our newest FLGS, Bag of Holding, is starting a new casual-themed Infinity night, whcih is aiming to expand the game's horizons outside of ITS and tournament missions. As a player who loves narratives and making up scenarios, this is music to my ears! Once Salute is out the way I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can come up with, and am working on some new terrain for the store, under the instruction of the store and night-organizer Simon. I'm looking forward to breaking my military order guys out, and making some new sci-fi terrain.

While I'm keen to get back into Infinity, Spectre Operations is still what's getting me most excited. I'm continuing to work on some residential buildings and once they're done, I reckon some flavour terrain and objective buildings are on the cards. As a keen Payday 2 player, I think a bank, jewellery store and car dealership are essential...

I've revisited the first 2 buildings ot add some extra detail and card parts, and have 2 smaller scandinavian houses and 2 styles of designer fencing to release at the start of May once Salute is out the way. I have a big bag of Spectre figures just waiting to be painted, and a lot of scenario ideas to test out, so stay tuned and join the Spectre facebook fan group to see what we come up with!