Infinity at Warfare 2012

We were in attendance at Reading Wargames Association's annual show Warfare on Saturday November 17th to mooch about those lovely guys at Simple Miniature Games' stand all day. We provided scenery from our Street Wars range for their Infinity demo table where interested gamers could learn about this awesome game, we may be slightly biased but we thought the table looked brilliant, it really made me want to play but sadly we were there to work! :(

The guys were playing a scenario that involved rushing to activate a pair of TAGs, it looked like a proper laugh and may have to get played down the club.

Our goal of providing a complete set of terrain is really starting to come together, rest assured there will be more products coming to Street Wars soon ;)

The view from the Yu Jing side

Ground level from the Yu Jing side. 

The Yu Jing were loving the PUP outpost

In between games, otherwise there would have been many cries of  "You camping sod!" at the Yu Jing player 

Our favourite bit of the table, and the site of a heroic defence against a rampaging Ninja by a  group of Kazaks
The views form the Ariadna side of the table