Christmas is over, back to the grind!

 Well Christmas is finally out the way, now it's back to work for us getting our exciting new products out. We've been keeping our current projects tightly under wraps recently as we've been getting things sorted in the run up to Christmas, but now we're going to start shouting about our new toys!

Current projects include releasing the sky-level ELMOR set, which will add a real sense of depth to the table. These roads are large enough for a real battle to take place above the ground, with a huge access ramp to let reinforcements swarm up to the top level.

This render shows the scale of the roads, that white square represents a 4'x4' board! Our ELMOR system is the most flexible road set on the market, with removable surfaces and barriers to tailor your set to LOS - blocking, cover providing or no cover at all!

Stay tuned as we reveal our other new projects over the coming weeks, including our first foray into 28mm figures! We tried to get a picture of him, but he's shy ;)

Harry and Ed


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