A hint of how we paint stuff, plus a super special offer

 Since we've done very little but work on the MOD.CO.N range for the last month, I though I'd give everyone a little insight into how we got the pictures shown previously.

We knew we wanted a very different look to the corridors form the usual grimdark grey, so we decided to go for a clean and shiny white product-y looking setup, with crisp bold graphics on the walls and floor. To get this we covered a load of sheets of styrene with masking tape then lasercut spray masks that we could apply to the white parts for Ed to spray the uncovered parts with nice bright colours. Once the masks are peeled off, we get a nice crisp (in theory) graphic ready for shading to be sprayed on.

We originally used this technique for the Street Wars Security Compound fences, the painted set has loads of tiny black spot graphics all over them. That was a breeze compared to applying so many spray masks to huge amounts of space corridor, so now we're playing around with a couple of other ideas to make the process a bit more painless.

These were not easy to apply. As you can see, they're slightly wonky, but when  all the parts are together it really doesn't show.

We had 13 sheets of styrene covered both sides in spray masks.
So now the super special offer... 

We're only 7 orders away from hitting 250 orders since we started the webstore, so to add a little spice to the mix we're offering to double up whatever customer 250 orders absolutely free. It doesn't matter if it's a pack of bases or 1 of everything we offer, if you're customer 250 you get 2 of everything you ordered! I'm going to give it a day or two then announce it elsewhere if no-one has won, so by reading this you've got a headstart! 

Good luck...