Body Swop Chop Shop - We can make you Better

Thought I'd post some pics of a piece of terrain I modelled up before Christmas, the ORB 2.0! ORB stands for Organic Receptacle Booth (I do love me some acronyms! :D), and the fluff behind this piece is that it's a future kerbside vending machine that people climb in to when they want something in a hurry. 

The original idea was for a booth that dispenses body modifications rather than snacks, and being the Street Wars future we're not talking pierced ears! Taking cues from the current day fad for lunchtime cosmetic surgery, eg botox and filler injections, the current fashions in Street Wars include tails, storage buttocks, removable organs, and the highly desirable Mandibles!

Following on from this idea, there are currently 2 other variants; Happy Holidays from Happy Corp, a holiday experience pumped directly in to the brain to give the memories of 2 weeks of being a superhero in just a few minutes (then get back to work!), and the Clever Booth where people purchase instant knowledge and skills to give themselves an edge in the murderous (literally!) job market of the future.

This is the Mk 1 version which has been tweaked slightly since these photos were taken to make painting and construction easier, but the model essentially looks the same. Features include a sliding body tray and a removable waste bin at the back which can be used as a piece of scatter terrain.

This kit is all ready to go, we just need to get some painted for boxart and website pics, so expect to see it sometime in February.

Body tray extended

Showing the waste bin removed. There's a slight error with this prototype, there should have been 2 slots for the bin to fix to on the back of the booth.
One of the acrylic detail parts.

The Mk1 Body Swop Chop Shop sign, since changed slightly.

The order point interface.

The front of the tray is translucent so passers-by can have a look at a procedure in progress.