Corridors getting closer!

Yesterday was another day spent getting corridors ready for production and an evening spent masking up corridors ready for Ed to spray. The good news is the corridors are basically done, there's nothing left to do except paint them, take photos for the boxart, then add those photos to the website and get them up for sale.

The bad news is we still have to get the rooms ready for release! Although they're not far off, so maybe we'll be able to squeeze them out before February, but to be honest we're itching to work on something else for a bit!

Here's a quick render of a possible layout that can be made with the biggest boxed set that will be in the initial release wave, Escape from Sector 9! This pack will contain:

  • 10 2x2 Straight sections (2x2 refers to the number of grid squares in a piece, each square is 40mm)
  • 4 1x2 Dead Ends
  • 4 Corners
  • 4 T-Junctions
  • 4 4-Way Junctions
  • 4 Bulkhead Doors

The layout shown here is near-as-dammit 3 feet square, so pretty big! The best bit about getting the corridors painted is the awesome guys at Mantic Games have said we can use their sexy Corporation Troopers in the glamour photos, so for once we'll be able to show how big everything is! (Hint: Very big). Do us a favour and visit their site to show them it was worth them taking a chance with us! 

In other exciting news, our friend is sculpting us some aliens to scuttle around these corridors, and they're evil looking things, so keep an eye out for pics soon.


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