Corridors...of DEATH!

Our current project is a set of space corridors designed by a good friend of ours, which we're on target to release at the start of February with a short pre-order period. Ed's been working away like a fiend on a huge setup for the glamour shots that will make their way on to the boxart, our entire Sunday was spent applying spraymasks to the basecoated corridors ready for the graphics to be painted.

Overall, I'd say the pain was worth it! :D The pictures are huge but well worth a look. We still have to handpaint some details to bring out the engraving but overall I can't wait to get the whole set done and play a game of Infinity on them!

On another note, I'm frantically painting up some Combined Army figures ready for Heavy Brigade's one day Infinity tournament in Thatcham, Berkshire on February 16th. This'll be my first time playing outside of my local club, so it's going to be interesting to say the least.



  1. Those corridors look just superb! Already cooking over with ideas about how to get them onto my table and in the games.

    See you at the Heavy Brigade event...........

  2. Thanks, the plan is to have the 4x4 setup all painted so I can bring it with me if anyone wants to play on it!


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