First game of 2013

Played my first game of 2013 last night, it was Infinity (of course! ;)), we played mission 203 from Campaign Paradiso. Although I bought Paradiso as soon as it was released I haven't read much of it past the new units and the story fluff, so the scenarios are still a bit of a mystery to me. This one didn't look too scary or complicated so we gave it a go.

I was Combined Army, my opponent was Yu Jing, and the mission was for him to get a civvie to Da Choppah! by calling for a dropship extraction in my half of the table while I had to steal the babe and run off his side of the board with her. The board was set up as a shipping yard with dense shipping crates on one side and a landing pad with more open terrain in the middle.

In the end I won, although there was a situation involving my LT getting hosed down by an HMG-toting droptroop that would have been a critical game changer if I hadn't made a bit of a 'creative interpretation' of the rules regarding reacting to a figure out of line of sight, so I think my opponent gets to claim the moral victory there.

Highlights of the match included a ninja Daturazi (close combat alien with smoke grenades and a nasty selection of skills) charging up towards the civvie and her guardian tossing incredibly poorly aimed smoke bombs everywhere, eventually rushing into close combat through the cover of more smoke to dispatch the civvie's guardian, before failing multiple times to persuade the civvie to come with him and getting repeatedly slapped for his troubles!

I took a few unpainted waste bins from our as-yet-unreleased new pieces of terrain as I had them lying around my desk, they worked pretty well as little bits of scatter terrain, especially butted up against buildings.

Bring on the next game, I'll be attending a new club next Friday and hope to bring a few new players into the Infinity fold :D

The battlefield. I was deployed in South and West corners, my opponent was deployed along the table edge nearest his shirt ;)

The far side of the table. The Yu Jing tried to move the civvie down this side from left to right, so of course I put all my nastiest stuff there :D
 In other news, we should be taking collection of 3 miniatures this weekend which will start to lay the basis for Street Wars: The Game!