MOD.CO.N up for pre-order tomorrow!

After an epic photography and photo-editing session the MOD.CO.N system is finally ready to open up for pre-orders tomorrow! :D We still need to paint the 5 rooms and the little platforms that allow you to make large open spaces from corners, t-junctions and 4-way junctions to finish the images, but they will be along very shortly.

Big big thanks to the guys at Mantic Games for allowing us to use their lovely Corporation troopers to show just how big these pieces are, the floors are made up of 40mm squares so they're perfect for Space Hulk as well as skirmish games.

Poor old Ed is going to be painting a whole lot more, as the goal is to have a 4x4' set ready for Heavy Brigade's Infinity one day tourney next month where I'll be bringing the pain with my Combined Army (which still needs a fair bit of painting!) :D


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  2. Can't wait to see this stuff at the Heavy Brigade tourni. I'll be getting a 4x4 tables worth of this later this year for sure :)


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