We actually play with this stuff too!

Incredible as it may seem, every now and then we find a bit of time to play with our own terrain! Our current game of choice is Infinity, an awesome 28mm skirmish game with a manga aesthetic that plays like a balls-out action movie. What's that, a giant werewolf has just leapt up a building spraying gunfire at enemies either side of him while invisible ninjas cut space-russians up with their laser swords? Must be Infinity! :D

Here's a couple of pics from some of the battles we played last year, I'm currently painting up some Combined Army ready to attend some Infinity events here in the UK so be prepared to face my wrath!

Ed's first game of Infinity, the forces were tiny but we had respawning troops. It was a really fun, dynamic game :D

Space Russians break into the compound.

The last turn, my defenders failed to stop the radar dish being destroyed with the last roll of the game. I needed a 13 or under... I rolled a 14 :(

A very tense game, I was Haqqislam versus a Jotum PanO list. We had to capture buildings and I stupidly chose the side with the fewest buildings and a giant robot guarding the only exit.

My heroic trooper braved the giant robot in a desperate dash to get some noodles, but was flamethrowered for his troubles. 

A ridiculous game. I had a standard Haqqislam list, my opponent had 2 Jotums!

Heroic Tuareg hacker soils himself as the immobilised Jotum comes back to life!

Swiss Guard wants him some noodles!

A prototype for a new building system looked enough like an aeroplane to make my paratrooper drop right in front of a sniper I hadn't noticed. He died :(

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