A Call to Arms coming up

4 days to go until Call to Arms, our first show of the year, and the point where we realise how many jobs we forgot to do until now!

We'll be doing our usual 10% show discount on all our ranges, but will be offering 20% on all PUP Colony products, as the PUP walkways really comes into their own the more you have and we want gamers to be able to take advantage of it.

We'll be selling standalone walkway packs in the near future, as there's a huge range of possibilities using them, the Star Wars game shown on this blog demonstrates the way large platforms can be built up using walkways.

We'll also have a small number of our unreleased Organic Receptacle Booths (shown previously on this blog), available in 3 different styles, and some WasteStation bin racks which I don't think we've shown yet. These consist of a base and 3 removable waste bins which make fun little bits of scatter terrain.

Hope to see lots of people on the day! ;)