How Ed paints stuff

Ed has taken over the role of painting our terrain, and finally remembered to take some pictures of the working process! (Sorry Ed ;))

In amongst painting all the MOD.CO.N stuff, he painted up one of our upcoming products, the Body Swop Chop Shop, and here's how he did it. This one has been painted to look brand new and shiny, as you would see on an advert.

Start with a smooth white basecoat. He used Auto Air opaque white over a grey primer coat to ensure a good flat finish.

Using a Vallejo model air red, he applied paint to all the shadow zones where the paint doesn't naturally settle.

Next a couple of coats of red to cover the entire model.

Once the whole model was red, he applied several highlight layers of red lightened with white in thin layers to give depth to the paintjob, avoiding the shadow zones.

This is the most time consuming stage; we covered sheets of styrene in masking tape then lasered the mdf files onto it, giving us an exact copy of the details on the model. Ed could then peel off ready-made spray masks to apply to the areas he wanted to stay red on the finished model. 

Next he sprayed the whole model in grey, then applied streaks of white, blending the streaks out in to the grey

Once the grey was dry he peeled off the spray masks then sprayed the entire model with Auto Air pearlised coat, which reacts to light hitting it at different angles in a more satin way than gloss lacquer.

The finished model! The effect is really nice, and a world away from the usual grim-dark style of gothic ruins. The model looks like an illustration in a comic, and the glittery pearl coat really makes it pop in the flesh, perfect for a sci-fi game!