Ehrmagherd Salute!

Well Salute is this Saturday and the last desperate dash is underway to get stock made for the show! We'll be on stand TA12 with our range of fine scenery and a most fabulous discount to you, Sir, so come along and check us out. We've also provided terrain for Simple Miniatures' Infinity demo table, where you'll be able to get the first look at the prototype for our next big building range, the MULE.

We've had to sort it out pretty quickly, but Ed was working long and hard last night to get a paintjob on it, as well as on the walkway fortress I put together the other week.

Another item that will be on the demo table is a Surgery Shack painted up by my friend and regular opponent down the club. He'd done an amazing job, check out the write-up and complete virtual tour on datasphere.

See you all at Salute! :D


  1. Thanks for sharing, your terrain is incredibly awesome, I need to buy some!


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