New releases for Salute 2013

We'll be at Salute this Saturday 20th, with a whole load of new releases available to pick up early ahead of the official release dates! First up is the SkyLevel version of the ELMOR system, an elevated roadway with a massive ramp to reach the tabletop or low-level ELMOR that has all the flexibility of the existing set. Also released will be the road accessories shown, including billboards, road signs and a fire escape.

These next products will be released one at a time over May, to give us an opportunity to offer a pre-order incentive on each one.

First up is the Organic Receptacle Booth 2.0, a vending machine that dispenses body modifications, knowledge or sweet relaxation. Available in 3 variants.

Surgery Shack, the number 1 economy healthcare provider! Delivering excellence to our shareholders since 2024.

 The Waste-ation, turning waste into nutritious protein nuggets across the Federation! Comes with 3 removable scatter bins.

The SatLink, the tower can be removed to sit on its own 40mm base.

The Federation Warpgate

We're also going to release a range called Serenity's Hope, basically a series of bundles that will let the gamer build up a roughneck frontier colony with unique bonus items, while saving money to boot :D
Scale sots of all these items with 28mm figures will follow shortly, as soon as we finish adding details to the pictures ;)