People do buy this stuff! ;)

It takes a long time for a Warmill product to go from an idea in our heads to a shiny box with pretty labels on, stuffed full of carefully laid out sprues and IKEA-style instructions, so it always makes us happy to see what our customers do when they get their hands on it!

We recently donated some prize support to a German Infinity tournament, looks like they had some fun with the Foodbooth!

This guy won our contest to have his order doubled, and modified his extra Foodbooth into something special.

Here is what 6 feet of Battlesnap Fortress with added corner pack looks like! These guys have since added some heavy towers for an epic Salamanders vs Tyranids battle (which we'd love to see pics of, hint hint ;))

This series of Security Compound photos comes from a review by the talented guys at Senji Studios.


This series of photos shows one of our regulars' PUP which he's painted up in his employer's colours. Very appropriate as the PUP was originally inspired by the sort of site offices shown at the bottom.

This Battlesnap Outpost was painted up by the guys at The Painting Frog as part of a review. They did a better job on it than we did! ;)

There are other examples out there in the interwebs, including one guy's awesome dinosaur-riding Catachan army defending a Security Compound from hordes of 'nids which I'll post as soon as I track down the pics. We love seeing how other people use their Warmill terrain, so please send us pics of your painting or gaming to and we'll put them up here for a small measure of internet fame!