Salute all done!

Well what a crazy bonkers weekend. Big thanks must go to:

Lisa and Asha, me and Ed's respective partners, for driving the van through London, manning the stand with us in the face of huge numbers of gamers, and making it possible for us to nip off for a smoke!

Valiant wargames for rushing straight up and buying a great big chunk of our new stuff, instantly snapping me out of my hangover!

The demo team on Simple Miniatures' Infinity tables for sending everyone our way :D

The Beasts of War crew for making us all jump when we were in a bit of a daze during a brief lull in the crowds. Keep an eye on their site for the video and see just how unprepared we are to talk about our own products ;)

The South London Warlords for putting on an amazing event, we shall definitely be back next year!

And most importantly, everyone who came up to say hi, check out the stuff and give us feedback, and pick up a few new items for their tables!

To say thanks, we've set up a 10% discount code on the webstore, just enter the code SALUTE at the checkout page to claim it!