The end of the road is in sight!

Waaaay back when Ed first started designing the ELMOR system, we intended for there to be an elevated set of legs to bring the battle up a level, but for various reasons they got put back for a long time. Well now they're finally ready to go on sale! :D

Ed's been hard at work painting up a huge pile of roads ready for boxart and website photography and they look pretty damn dazzling. I'm looking forward to getting them down the club for a game, the largest set contains over 6 feet of straight road, let alone the big ramp, corners, t-junctions and low ramps so it'll fill a good chunk of a 4x4' table by itself! I'm thinking of a scenario where a team has to plant demo charges on the support legs while a convoy makes its way along the road...

I should point out that what's on show here is not even a complete mega city set, that contains even more roads!