Walk this Way

Anyone who's talked to us at a show with the PUPs on display will know the walkways that attach to the PUPs were designed to be totally flexible and lego-like, so that you could build a veritable underhive from multiple kits and either spread out over a large low area or build up level by level, as with the high fence supports they can basically go up levels indefinitely, and while they're shown attached to PUPs they're actually totally self-supporting.

Of course, because we painted the original set for a demo game at Salute last year, we had to glue everything together, so our totally flexible set we show on our stands is actually... not very flexible.

Well after getting tired of telling but not being able to show just how flexible the basic walkways are, and as we've finally decided we should start selling walkway packs separately (mostly after being asked about it at pretty much every show we go to! ;)), I spent a bit of time today playing around with a load of frames that were rejected for not cutting to the standard we want and built myself a little fort!

I've glued it into larger pieces for ease of transportation, and the whole thing can be assembled in 2 or 3 minutes, so it's going to be getting some good usage down the club :D. When assembled it measures 500x400mm-ish, I haven't measured it yet.

If you want to see it in action, it'll probably be on Simple Miniatures' demo table at Salute on the 20th of April.

I think I'll make a big sign to go over the entrance. Suggestions for a comedic name?