Where you been, Warmill?

Where have we been, indeed! Well due to other real-life commitments we've barely been able to get things together for the shows we've been attending, which has really but a hold on our release schedule. Fortunately, this weekend is RPC-Germany which we'll be attending thanks to the hospitality of the guys at Tabletop Insider, and after that we have a window where we might actually be able to release some products! The Satlink, ORB 2.0, Wasteation and Surgery Shack will all be available through the webstore and retailers at the start of June.

Speaking of retailers, we're pleased to announce 2 new retailers have been added to the list; 

"Valiant Wargames is an independent online retailer specialising in the smaller wargame systems such as Infinity, Malifaux, Dark Age, etc. We sell a wide range of Warmill terrain and can order in any items not available."

Dave from Valiant is currently building himself an awesome Paradiso board, so make sure to check out his progress on the official Infinity Forums and Datasphere!

Create And Play
Vorderer Lech 43
86150 Augsburg

Phone: +49 821 20918416

The guys at Create and Play just held an Infinity Tournament that featured a table of our lovely terrain, you can see some pics on our Datasphere thread.

So what's next after the products that have been ready for ages? Well we've been detailing up the MULE, which now features a new and improved helipad attachment. Once the last 2 units are detailed Ed will be getting lots painted up all sexy like, while I have the fun of instructions and production setup. The MULE mk2 has been getting playtested at Salute and down the club, so will be ready for release sooner rather than later.

Here' a couple of pics of my last game down the club, which featured an Oniwaban eviscerating my Kurgat Autocannon by sprinting through the facility to close into hand-to-hand combat.