State of the Nation

Things have been a bit slow round here recently, mostly due to a run of shows within a very short time period (including an epic 9.5 hour drive to Cologne for!) which have held up any releases, and also put the kibosh on any hobbying. Other 

It's not been completely static though, as the MULE building set is now all detailed up, and is just going through the last checks to tidy up any errors that slipped through the net, and to make it easier to set up. Once that's all done, it's on to instructions and painting for a release. The set will include hab pods, a large office block, core unit, external lift, helipad, tunnel and roof topper.

The last bunch of releases are on the website to ogle, but as I'm about to go on holiday they won't be available for purchase until I get back, which will be towards the end of July. We also have the Hobox housing cube to take photos of, this is a nice smaller piece of scatter terrain to add a bit of character to back alleys in urban boards.

Painting Frog have just done a battle report using our Outpost kit, so head over there and have a look. Eldar take on Orks in a game of 40K, and there's a 10% discount code on the page, but you'll have to go and read it to find it!

Hobby-wise, work has pretty much stopped us doing any for ages now! I did get a chance to be introduced to the Judge Dredd game by one of our customers who's using our terrain for his demo table, he'll be running demos at Bovington on the 6th and 7th of July, so make sure to get an intro to this fun game.

And just for fun, I painted up a StuG from Warlord Games over a couple of evenings.

I'll be off on holiday as soon as the Bovington show's over, so the store will be effectively closed down until I get back. orders can still be placed, but they won't be sorted out until July 22nd.