Warmill? I thought they died...

So the blog has been somewhat... barren recently (2 months since last post!), as we just haven't been able to play any games recently! Things have been moving along, with Colours at Newbury spurring us on to finish off a few projects that have been hanging around for far too long.

The biggest achievement is getting the long-fiddled-with MULE range ready for release, thanks to an epic painting session by Ed. Thanks to the weather for being so glorious down here, Ed has been sat outside airbrushing and has managed to paint enough bits to pretty much cover a 4' table without killing himself! Now we have a glamour set the only thing holding up the release is a photo session and some serious boxart creation. The current plan is to see in the official release in November, possibly at Crisis in Antwerp.


...became this!

Does not include dog

Alongside the MULE, we finally fixed the SIR pallets Ed modelled way back in January to go with the MOD.CO.N range. Not much to say about these bits of scatter terrain, they will be shortly available in a choice of a box of crates of a smaller box of crates that include easy-stacking cradles.

Some SIR pallets loitering in their cradles

Another of Ed's projects is the Waste Management Device, a skip (dumpster to our septic chums) of the future that looks remarkably like a skip of today! These are done and dusted and again just waiting for our next release window.

For those who are uhm-ing and ahh-ing about whether to invest in some Warmill terrain, check out the following reviews:

We also provided some prize support for Battlefoam's DuelCon event in the US this weekend, listen to Tom Schadle talk about us in episode 19 of the O-12 podcast

Hopefully the painted MULE set will be getting a play over down the club this Thursday if I can find an opponent, so hopefully a detailed battle report will follow.

Cheers all!
Harry and Ed