MULE with a spinning wheel...

Gaming time recently has been pretty low, but I did manage to squeeze in a game the other week with my regular opponent. We played a scenario themed around the MULE set, inspired by all good 80s action movies; his team of heavily armed hard-asses mowed down waves of my poor minions as they attempted to locate and extract a scientist from his prison cube.

Unfortunately for him, his team was gradually worn down until the mook with a missile launcher managed to take out his last heavies, leaving them with no way to get the civvie out. All in all, a game which worked much better than I would have expected considering the scenario was thrown together that night, and the MULE set really shone with lots of fighting in, around and out of the buildings.

Sexy pics:

In other news, I was recently browsing the terrain project logs section of and came across a rather lovely gaming table build log that featured some familiar terrain, this project is particularly noteable for being intended for Necromunda and post-apocalyptic gaming. It's fair to say that most of our products are intended for Infinity or Judge Dredd, so keep a close eye on this one to see how they can be repurposed for something a bit grittier!

Here's a few pics the creator kindly let us pillage!