Things wot have been happening

 Well the release of the MULE system was more popular than we had anticipated, and between that and 2 big shows in a row manufacture and delivery has been very slow round here. Both shows came right after a large distribution order which left us at very low stock levels, then we took all the MULE stuff we had made to Crisis (where we sold all but a couple of habs!) only to get back to a webstore that exploded over the next few days! After Warfare last weekend, we find ourselves with... no stock!

 We took the decision to close the store temporarily to allow us to catch up, as some of the outstanding orders are for very large sets which take a long time to manufacture, so we didn't want people to place orders when we knew we wouldn't be able to fulfil them for several weeks. Fortunately, that should be fixed by the end of this week!

 In other exciting news, we took delivery of our 3D printer last week and are already printing off a 28mm miniature! We chose the Solidscape 3Z pro as it offers fantastic build quality (down to a layer thickness of 6 microns!) and a large build area allowing us to print vehicles as well as men. The Envisiontec Perfactory was a close runner up, but the build area on them is very small which would have limited what we could print. We've already been working on a few models which we will be printing out soon.


The support layer for the miniature being laid down before the build proper begins. The miniature is part of the Total Extinction range currently running on kickstarter, we are also providing terrain as an add-on bonus at over 20% discount so if you've ever fancied a fortress now is a perfect chance to get one along with some very cool sci-fi minis!