Getting ready for Chrimbo!

 Things are gradually getting back to normal in Fort Warmill; the backlog of orders was cleared, things that ran out are being replenished and plans are being made for 2014.

 Products are being re-opened on the webstore, unfortunately our previous supplier of acrylic no longer stocks the type we use so we're currently sourcing a new one, until we get a restock all items that include acrylic parts will be closed but we have an order on the way so everything should be back online at the start of the year.

 In the meantime, talking about old stuff is fine but what we really like is new stuff! Here are a few pictures of the prototype street bar (comedic acronym to be decided) sans acrylic bits. This kit will be the first new item launched in the new year in a range of delicious franchises, and includes essential features like beer taps and a coffee machine. Of course the roof comes off and all that, but really the main feature is the beer taps :D. This kit will be right at home in any game of Infinity or Judge Dredd, as well as any other 28mm sci-fi universe!

The beer and liquor side

The coffee and cakes side

The sniper's side

The grumpy barman's side

Employee's entrance with swinging door

The uninteresting side

The hipster barista's side

The view that draws you in after a day of data-mining. The big panel is a placeholder for acrylic.

And just for fun, here's a tiny man defending his 2p! He was printed at 25microns and stands about 8mm high to his head.

Gerroff my treasure!


  1. What happened to the skips and boxes (I don't actually know what they are! XD ) that have images below? Are they up on the webstore yet, or not until after Christmas? :)


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