Open again!

Whoo, the store is finally ready to open again! We'll be gradually re-opening products as we get the shelves restocked, so some of the large sets (MOD.CO.N large sets, MULE large sets, etc) will still be unavailable for a short while. We're trying to source another supplier of the frosted green acrylic we use, so anything that uses acrylic will also be out for a while, but hopefully we should be getting a fresh delivery next week.

 Current plans for the new year:

  • 3D printing service - we have the printer, we know how to use it, now we just need to get stuff printed! We're currently printing out sample pieces ready to promote the service in the new year. The printer we have is capable of very fine detail, and we're looking forward to printing out some miniatures. By printing in two types of wax, it avoids the support structures that are a consequence of other printing methods, saving any lengthy clean-up time before the model is ready for moulding and casting.
  • Product shuffling - retail to game stores is important to us, so in the new year we will be making some changes to our product line-up. Some of the older sets will be condensed into a smaller range of easier-to-understand SKUs, and we will be introducing a new range of variety packs to help you save money and get a whole range of themed terrain in one easy selection. We'll be promoting them with monthly web-only packs.
  • New terrain - new stuff is already in the works to continue our plans for board domination, we will also be revisiting older products to introduce new parts. Our first project is revamping the Security Compound set.
  • Resin - now we have the printer, it'd be silly to not make our own stuff as well as other peoples'! Plans include 28mm conversion parts and terrain accessories, 10 - 15mm  vehicles and 28mm figures.
  • Collaborations - it's a small industry, and we'd rather co-operate than compete! We currently supply Warlord Games with terrain for the Judge Dredd miniatures game and are working with Sentinel Games for their Total Extinction kickstarter. If you have a game that would benefit from the largest range of 28mm lasercut sci-fi terrain out there, get in touch with us using the contact form on the webstore.
  • Miniatures - way back when, we had a few prototype minis sculpted up by a friend of ours. Now we have the printer, we're aiming to expand into a proper range of sci-fi 28mm figures, all bringing our particular brand of Warmill humour into the game. Keep an eye out for a kickstarter in 2014!
 Part of using the printer is remembering how to model things that aren't lasercut MDF terrain! Ed refreshed his memory by making this slightly modified D9 rifle which we're printing out right now.

2 copies of course, 1 for Ed and 1 for me! :D

Sexy render of the gun. Total length is a shade over 25mm.