RIBD_4, it's our pleasure!

First new release of the year, here we have the Refreshing and Invigorating Beverage Dispensary, mk4. The perfect addition to any 28mm urban sci-fi board, it's just the thing for tired civvies or replicant hunters to grab a beer on the way home from work! We're going to have them for sale at Call to Arms on the 15th, so if you're in the area come down and have a look.

Lots of interior detail on this one, and proper opening doors to make running in and out a bit easier! As with the Foodbooth and ORB 2.0, this kit is available in different franchises. Check out the listing on the store for more info and images.

 In other news, we're going to be hitting the resin this year and have been modelling up some initial items that we'll be printing off over the next few months. Our casting workshop has been filled with fibreglass cow heads for most of last year but will be cleared soon, so we'll be able to get moulding and casting with a vengeance!

WIP sci-fi tank, to be done in 28mm and possibly 15mm if the interest is there.

 And here's a cute little street-sweeper bot, big enough to provide cover to 2 regular sized 28mm miniatures. We are debating having a big mothership lorry to go with it, possibly as a lasercut MDF and card kit.

Stay tuned for all the insights!