...And they never painted terrain again...

 The 26th of July saw Bournemouth hosting an epic 24 player Infinity tournament, being local and all we promised to supply terrain for a couple of boards, thinking hey, how hard could it be?

 Turns out, quite hard! Lots of late nights followed as we got an entire new set of most of our range painted, fortunately with the heatwave we've been enjoying airbrushing outside at 2am was actually quite pleasant (apart from the swarms of bugs suiciding into our paints, thinners, painted terrain, faces, etc). We now have a nice big pile of consistently painted terrain perfect for photoshoots, games, show displays and events.

 Here are a few pics of the boards in action at the event, unfortunately we weren't able to participate in the actual gaming but we've been assured there will be another in September which hopefully will see my Ariadna acting as a points-gift speedbump yet again :D.

Stay tuned for a description of how we painted everything in the next few days!