Games and boards!

Games have been a bit thin on the ground since the Tournament Painting Experience Of Doom, but we have managed to get a couple of games in recently. We've been playtesting the new bits to check they work fine and the results so far have been pretty sweet. I was especially chuffed about my Kazak missile launcher exploderising an Odalisque with spitfire from the comfort and safety of a tower! We won't mention the game where my poor Ariadna got absolutely pummeled by PanO scumbags...

Here's a few pics of recent battles.

The new products here are the digi-camo-painted research landers from Ed, with very interesting internal layouts with multi-level floors, and the QDSC which is the replacement for the old Security Compound. Both ranges proved very handy, especially the landers which my opponent's snipers couldn't get enough of >:(

On the 26th of July we'll be providing terrain for a tournament here in sunny Bournemouth (Facebook link). The plan is to have 2 themed tables; an urban one featuring all the Street Wars buildings and a jungle outpost one featuring the new landers and fencing. With a grand total of 2 weeks to get it all done, we'll be documenting the nightmare here and on twitter so follow us @warmillgames to enjoy the experience of late nights painting with us!