Introducing Warmill Heavy Industries

 After doing terrain for a few years, we've started on a project that we've wanted to do for quite some time; Warmill Heavy Industries, our source for resin kits. Starting with a pair of combat mechs, our plan is to gradually compliment the universe we've been building through our terrain with vehicles, characters and resin terrain as both accessories for buildings and standalone pieces. We'll be using polyurethane resin to capture maximum detail.

 Here's a look at the first of the mechs that will be our initial products, an eight-legged assault platform that will come with a choice of 3 different weapons. We're currently doing proofing prints so details and scale may change, but currently this bot is approximately 90mm long when equipped with the vulcan cannon, the shortest of the available weapons. Features include optional armour, poseable guns and swivelling turret.

We'll be updating the blog with images of the second bot soon.